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07 October 2010 @ 10:45 am
[144.] it's Co.Ed School! and random stuff  
Been spazzing on Co.Ed lately. SUNGMIN BABY! My Baby Neutron. haha. And did I mention he looks like Peter? And both of them are pretty good in dancing, they know how to play the drums and... they're... the shortest in their groups. LOL But i have faith that Sungmin baby will still grow tall cuz he's well... 14 yrs old. Talk about age difference. That's why he's only my baby. haha. And lol Peter and Sungmin have the same birthmonths btw with exactly 10yr gap. Anyways. Can't wait to see more of them. And and and... Mimi and Chanmi! I really think they're close and i kinda ship them. XXDD Now I guess my biases are sungmin and chanmi. haha. SUNGMIN! haha. I bet he'd be scared if i do that. XD

Last night was epic. We got Joe to greet Aya on air. But lol. Everyone's radio buffered when he was about to greet her. I only heard until he said Happy Birthday then it buffered. -.- Of all the time. Our twitters were like gonna burst already. LOL Nonetheless... It was great. hehe

I'm currently here in the office working. I'm hella hella enjoying this app. Wish tumblr has a mobile app. as well. LJs kinda dead already. I guess everyone's on twitter, fb and tumblr.

Training again later this afternoon. And dang! I gotta finish my drafts so i can have em checked already. Still gotta edit them before sending it to my Aunt.

Ayt. Go to go. A lot of people are coming in.

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