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25 March 2010 @ 09:20 pm
OK. I literally spazzed by myself when I saw these pictures. OMG! YOONWON!!!! They just look damn good together! aa;asdncask;dirasnvohglakjgbas;haslasna;lkblIgliglisglaklkj! HOT COUPLE! ;askd;laksnc;asoiadsn;aslfj

Just look at how Siwon looks at Yoona on the first pic! Rawr! (Although I know that's it's just part of the act BUT I DON'T CARE!) IF THIS IS FOR A MAG, I GOTTA GET MYSELF A COPY! I DON'T GIVE A DAMN HOW MUCH IT WOLD COST ME I JUST NEED A PIECE OF MY YOONA AND SIWON! THAT'S IT!. hahahahaha.

Dang! Yoona is just gorgeous! T__T Now I have a new wallpaper for my cellphone. hahahahaha.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

and oh yeah...

spazzed with ohreeree last night and the other night. grah! If she likes the fierce teuk, then I like the sad/emo siwon! hahahaha. *great minds! XD)

ok. still incoherent right now because of those pictures. XD

gotta go~~~
gris clair.grisclair on March 26th, 2010 07:45 am (UTC)
Wow. *___* They're looking very good together there. I want Siwon/Yoona We Got Married. Where is this shoot from?
grapegumpgrapegump on March 26th, 2010 01:32 pm (UTC)
uhuh uhuh!
XD WGM. i'll spazz to death. haha.
idk where's this from. >.< i hope this will be for a mag or sumthin. >.